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Expressing love is a special moment, one of those that can change your life forever

The strength of your love for a certain person, in itself, is an excellent starting point, and of course the most important. But often, she puts you in doubt and asks you for the perfect form of expression of love and attention, which will cause a flood of feelings in your partner and will be remembered for a lifetime. A million ideas appeared in your head, what your loved one likes the most and what gives him special pleasure.

As many things have changed globally over time, the way of giving has also changed, but some have kept their basic form and have only been further improved. Gifting flowers takes perhaps the leading place in the world of gifting. Perhaps for the reason that women are often given away, and precisely flowers one of the favorite gifts they like to receive as a gift. Rose, as a flower that is somehow most associated with women, and in a way is synonymous with the fire and strength of love that is expressed, and also beauty.


First of all, the red rose, due to its strong, bright red color and beautiful shape, takes the leading place among gift flowers. It can easily be called a flower for all occasions. From March 8, to special festive events, but also to simple, everyday occasions. Almost every day you will meet someone who carries at least one rose in his hand. The rose, as a symbol of passion, love and devotion, will occupy a special place in gift giving precisely during the holidays, when these feelings stand out the most.

From March 8, Valentine's Day, the anniversary of marriage or the exchange of first crushes and love messages. A red rose, a symbol of passion and strong feelings, will become your choice, but of course, with only one rose, you feel that you may not have shown enough. A bouquet of 101 roses. This is exactly the biggest and strongest arrangement of the queen of flowers, as she is called. Maybe you have sometimes wondered, looking somewhere, why someone received a bouquet from 101 red, while someone else yellow or white roses. You may have thought that the reason for this is in the color and not in the symbolism. Apart from their intoxicating smell and beautiful appearance, roses send messages through their color, so choosing them with the advice of a florist, if you do not know symbolism well, would be desirable.

Red, yellow, beige or white

All combinations are possible, it is only important to match them to the feelings that your message should convey to a certain person. Red as passion and lust, white as innocence and affection, orange as desire, yellow as friendship...all these are something that should make sense in your choice and the message being sent. Whether you are a Gentleman or just an ordinary suitor, whether you are in love or just want to show that you are a loyal friend, you will definitely want to show that you are a man who wants to make the best possible impression on the fairer sex.

101 roses

as a gift it will certainly represent a very strong message in itself, but the completely designed arrangement and the way it is done, and ultimately the way it is delivered, also play a very big role. This refers first of all to the design of the basket, a detail on which a lot of work is done and which is taken into account. Of course, there are also written messages. The color of the roses, the content of the message and an arrangement of 101 roses, can be part of your selection, but most importantly, it is an excellent step that will express your feelings in the best and unmistakable way and send them to your loved one, when they least expect it.



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