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Symbolism of plants

Giving flowers to a loved one always seems like a sign of affection, but there is something more to it. Flowers can convey various messages and that is one reason that before you give or bring certain flowers into your home, you should know their symbolism.

Ancient cultures, from the Greeks to the Chinese, Romans and Egyptians, also had meanings for each flower. For example, the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, as well as her Roman equivalent, Venus, were associated with roses. Legend has it that Venus adored roses and that she once pricked herself on the thorn of a white rose, which turned red from her blood, thus becoming a symbol of love and passion. In medieval art, lilies represented the Virgin Mary, and therefore a symbol of purity. 

This "symbolic language of flowers" was also used in literature, including the works of William Shakespeare. In Hamlet, Ophelia shares rosemary (memory), candlesticks (foolishness) and violets (fidelity) to convey feelings and thoughts she could not.

In an attempt to help you, we decided to bring you the symbolism and meanings of some favorite plants.

  1. Plants that symbolize health
  2. What flowers bring happiness
  3. That love blooms
  4. For a full wallet

Plants that symbolize health

Good health depends not only on diet and exercise, but also on our environment. The right herb can actually make a big difference to our mood, stress levels, sleep quality, and even breathing. These plants did not become a symbol of health for no reason, but based on the beneficial effect they have on human health:

  • Sage, its Latin name Salvia officinalis has the meaning "to feel good and healthy". There is a belief that when we have sage in the house, as long as it is beautiful and healthy, we are fine, but if it starts to wither and dry, it can be a sign that our health is also deteriorating. Sage can be grown outdoors, but it can grow in a well-lit place, next to a window.
  • Rosemary is a symbol of good health and longevity. This plant has been used in folk medicine for centuries to help improve concentration and memory. Rosemary can be planted in a container and placed in any place where it will be exposed to strong sunlight.
  • Lemon is considered a symbol of longevity. If you give a lemon tree grown from lemon seeds as a gift, it is believed to help you create a lasting friendship and good health to the person you gift it to.
  • Indian feather is a flower that represents nature, environment and positive energy. Because of its ability to draw toxins from the air during the day and release oxygen at night, it also symbolizes purity. 

What flowers bring happiness

When you think of lucky plants, the first thing that comes to mind is the four-leaf clover. However, clover is not the only plant that is a symbol of good luck:

  • Bamboo - in Chinese culture there is a belief that the more plants there are, the greater the blessing. Bamboo represents happiness, strength, durability and good health. It is an ideal gift for someone entering a new chapter in their life.
  • House fern is a natural air humidifier. Perhaps because of its ability to purify the air and fight against unwanted toxins, this plant is one of those that bring happiness into the home.
  • Aloe is a plant that in South Africa you can see hanging above the entrance to the home, thus bringing good luck to the household. This plant has been used around the world for thousands of years as a medicine, its clear gel is used to soothe sunburn and other skin conditions.
  • Azalea is a colorful flower that symbolizes harmony, happiness and balance. If we plant these flowers in front of the house, it is believed to welcome guests and bring them good luck. 

That love blooms

These plants symbolize love, but often when we give or receive them from a loved one, they take on a special meaning:

  • Lavender is considered a symbol of love and devotion. Lavender is known for its unique fragrance, vivid purple color, and medicinal properties. A symbol of grace, purity, tranquility, calmness, devotion. It is the best gift option for someone who is going through a difficult time in their life, it can be a good gift for a friend who is going through a difficult breakup.
  • Orchid is another sensual flower known for its rare beauty. They were once considered difficult to grow and were reserved only for botanists and collectors of rare plants. However, there are varieties that even beginners can handle. Orchids are known to symbolize strength, beauty and love. The ancient Greeks saw orchids as a sign of masculinity and fertility, while Victorian Europeans associated the orchid with luxury and elegance. Orchids are available in a variety of colors and sizes, and their symbolic meaning makes them a great plant to gift to a loved one.
  • Anthurium or flamingo flower is an aesthetically appealing plant because of its heart-shaped leaves. It symbolizes openness and hospitality, which makes it an excellent gift for a hostess. This uniquely shaped flower can be the perfect gift for someone special.
  • Cyclamen is a tiny flower and contains several stems of delicate flowers. Pink, purple, red and white are the most common colors. In the past, this plant was often given as a gift to children. Cyclamen symbolize sincerity and unconditional love.
  • Succulent plants symbolize loyalty and endurance, perfect for someone who is always there for you. If you want to show love to a significant other, friend or family member, these plants are the perfect choice.

 For a full wallet 

  • The money tree or crassula is a plant commonly used in Feng Shui. It is believed to bring happiness and financial well-being to the one who owns it. Interestingly, crassula trees are often braided together, but for "luck" to work, you will need to have three to five braided plants, avoiding the unlucky number four and you must always keep it to the right of the front door, as this attracts wealth. This plant is an ideal gift for newlyweds, because it is believed that it will bring positive energy and wealth into their home.
  • The Hawaiian Ti plant has magical powers. This means that owning this plant brings luck and money to your home. There is a belief that if you grow a plant with two stems you will be lucky and will bring new love into your life!

Most people do not consider the meaning of flowers before giving them. Similarly, people who receive flowers may not know their meaning and miss the hidden message they received. 

Flowers seem to speak a whole new language, but we hope this guide has helped you choose the right one to convey your feelings. When words aren't enough, flowers are always there to do the heavy lifting!

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