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Why Are Roses So Popular?

Red rose it permeates through stories of love and passion for thousands of years.

In many early cultures Red roses were used as decorations in wedding ceremonies and wedding clothes. That's why it's over time Red rose became known as a symbol of love and romance. 

Giving flowers, in order to express love to someone, has become a tradition. A red rose flower which is given as a gift to express the deepest feelings of love and affection towards someone. This tradition continues to this day.


Myths about Red rose and symbols 

All myths about red roses indicate that it is a symbol of love, beauty and affection.

In Greek mythology, there is a belief that the goddess Aphrodite, with her tears, and her lover Adonis, with their blood, created red rose and since then she has become a symbol of eternal love until death. 

In Roman mythology, the red rose is a symbol of Venus, the goddess of love. 

In Eastern culture and tradition, Red rose is also associated with love.

And Indians believe that one rose flower symbolizes divine beauty.

The Hindu legend about the goddess of luck and prosperity Lakshmi says that she was created from 1008 small red rose petals and 108 large red roses.


Red roses are more than symbols

Red roses they have some other advantages besides her beauty. 

They are also known for their mild summer fragrance, and are grown and used in the production of perfumes, but also in the food industry in the production of medicinal teas.


101 roses

A red rose symbolizes love and romance, but also respect, sensuality, eternity, passion, hope, courage and immortality, depending on the color we choose.

A bouquet of 101 red roses it has several different meanings depending on whether it is given by married people or unmarried couples. 

For married couples, given as a gift a bouquet of red roses represents happiness and an expression of loyalty and great love.

While for young, unmarried couples, a bouquet of red roses expresses passion and a strong desire for a successful start of a new romance.


Should you give a single rose or a whole bouquet?

It doesn't matter where you are in the world, if you give your loved one a rose, you will surely convey a clear message of love.

The rose is equally adored in all parts of the world, in all walks of life, so it is not surprising that after all these years the rose has retained the status of "queen of flowers".

Depending on the color and fragrance, we give roses when we want to leave the best possible impression.

There is almost no person who does not like gifts and small signs of attention, so the opportunity to give a bouquet of roses can be every day and without any special occasion. And they will always leave the same impression of commitment, love and loyalty to their partner or loved one.  

Rose it also represents a kind of status symbol, and for the purpose of great affection and love, some people decide to give their partner 101 or 1001 roses.

If you want to show strong desire, affection or courage towards a loved one, then yes bouquet of 101 red roses great choice. Regardless of whether you are at the beginning of your love journey or you are married, with this gift you will unmistakably show how much you love and appreciate your partner every day.

Gift-giving occasions can be special, but you can also show how much you love and appreciate your partner every day.

One red rose can be a real little helper in communication. If you want to express your sympathy to someone you like but you can't express it in words or you are shy, by giving a red roses you will make it clear to the person that you like them. And no one remained indifferent to the red rose. 


World day Red roses

Every year, June 12 is celebrated as World Day red rose, symbol of love and romance. 

This date is related to the fact that the month of June is the month in which roses bloom all over the world. 

Day red roses it is an excellent reason to celebrate, and it can be the reason to give one to someone red rose or the whole bouquet. 

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