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How to use fashion details to decorate your home

Although you are not a fashion fanatic, over the years you have invested a few more dinars and afforded yourself some expensive fashion detail, but it is now unused. Whether you've grown it or it's simply out of style, it's done its job and is now snoozing at the bottom of a closet.

The thought that we have spent a large amount of money on some fashion detail prevents us from getting rid of things we do not use. Most of us get emotionally attached to some things, but there are solutions for that too. Such fashion details can get a new application, with a little imagination you can use them to decorate your home. 

You may like the use of unused fashion details for decorating your home so much that you can end up creating home decor from current things you use. Why not make your everyday accessory so organized and dual-purpose?

What fashion details can you use and how:

  1. Scarves and scarves
  2. Organize the hats
  3. Make an arrangement out of bags
  4. Use jewelry as decor

Scarves and scarves

You have too many of them, and most of them are buried and forgotten in some closet. Scarves can be a great artistic addition to any room, if it's a scarf you know you won't wear, simply frame it or hang it on hooks to stretch it out like a tapestry, giving you the option to swap it out for another one later. Be creative, play with shapes, adapt to your own taste, avoid "already seen" Use a silk scarf and wrap it around the lamp stand, so you can liven up the space and break the monotony of the room if the scarf is with a more colorful pattern. 

Organize the hats

Hats and caps can take up quite a bit of space in your closet and are sometimes very difficult to organize, and improper storage can damage them.


To save space, make something that it can be both practical and decorative for the house.

  • Get some pegs and arrange them on the wall however you like, whether in the hallway or in the living room above a chest of drawers, and simply hang the hats.
  • You can stretch the rope along the wall and achieve a rustic look to the room by hanging hats with decorative wooden pegs.
  • If you have sturdy caps and hats that won't lose their shape, you can stack them on top of each other and place them in a corner of the room or arrange them on an unused lampshade.

This way you can organize your hats by style and add some special charm to the room.

Make an arrangement out of bags

Instead of shoving them in the closet and struggling to find the right one when you need it, choose a wall and make an arrangement out of the bags. A corner that will be organized, practical but also decorative. They can be bags that you still use, but they can also be some old preserved ones that you love and don't want to give them up. Bags can sometimes be worth a fortune, so you will also get a very exclusive decor in the house, and not just a thing that collects dust in a corner.

  • You can hang the bags on the wall using decorative hooks that you can organize and arrange as you wish.
  • You can use a shelf to arrange your favorite items on it, it can look quite neat, but also very practical when you are in a hurry, beautiful items of bags look effective even in the living room.





Use jewelry as decor 

Are you always short on jewelry boxes, or is a piece of jewelry so dear to you that you want it to have a special place? Use the decorations you have in the house

organized jewelry. If it's necklaces, see if you have ornaments that have height or maybe a lamp or vase, then hang them. You can also use your home library to decorate some books with a piece of jewelry. For smaller details such as rings or earrings, you can use some decorative bowls that already adorn a chest of drawers. This can be a nice aesthetic detail in your home, but also a practical way to store jewelry, because it will always be at your fingertips. 

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