The simplest solutions for Easter decorations

We all love it when our home is tidy and decorated, especially around the holidays. Some people find it easy to do, so their house looks immaculate during the holidays, while others eat chocolate bunnies and look sadly at dried petals all over the floor.

With the help of these little tricks, decorating your home for Easter can become fun, and your flowers will stay fresh longer.

Quick and easy to perfect Easter flower decoration

Easter usually falls at a time when fresh flowers are readily available to us. Whether we buy it at a flower shop, grow it ourselves or pick it somewhere in nature, flowers offer us countless possibilities for creative Easter decorations.

  1. Easter wreath – It is usually a knitted heart or an egg-shaped wreath with various decorative ribbons. You can make this decoration yourself using sprigs of fresh flowers or by decorating Styrofoam with various flowers and ornamental grasses.
  2. Easter tree - find a branch with an unusual shape, wrap each branch with a decorative ribbon or simply paint the branches with tempera and decorate with artificial colorful eggs
  3. Flower arrangements - old bowls, jars or jars can be used to make original vases.
  4. Make an Easter Basket – You can weave one yourself out of twigs or make it out of cardboard and then decorate it, fill it with flowers, grass or moss. You can use this basket to store painted eggs in it or fill it with sweets and make the youngest happy.

 The best flowers for Easter decorations

Any flowers you have available are great for Easter decor. But there are certain types that are more commonly associated with this spring holiday and are easier to obtain this time of year.

  • Tulips. The most common choice for spring decoration You can grow them yourself from bulbs indoors during the winter, but you can also find them in most stores in early spring. The choice of colors is almost endless. Tulips symbolize wealth and opulence, so they are indispensable in Easter decoration because they are believed to invoke prosperity. Around the Easter holidays, they are most in demand in red, white, yellow and lilac colors. 
  • Hyacinths. Another spring beauty, the hyacinth flower is often among the favorite Easter decorations. Their smell is so intoxicating that they have been called "nature's perfume".
  • Lily of the valley. You can pick these delicate white flowers in shady areas of your yard. You can use this wonderful-smelling ground cover to complete flower arrangements.
  • Daffodils. There's nothing quite like sunny yellow daffodils to convey the joy of spring. You can grow them from bulbs or buy them right before Easter.
  • Easter lily. Easter lilies are symbols of hope and purity. If you want to give the whole festive atmosphere more charm, these elegant flowers are the right choice.
  • Easter cactus. The Easter cactus plant comes in a variety of flower colors, and will last longer than Easter. Potted flowers will decorate your home even after the holidays, so this unusual cactus is an ideal choice, especially for those lovers who don't have much time to devote to caring for flowers. 
  • Lilac. A popular shrub with an intoxicating scent. Lilac branches can be used to weave a wreath, or you can simply put it in a vase and enjoy the intoxicating fragrance.

In addition to being a decoration in itself, spring flowers can also be combined with other symbols of Easter, such as eggs, rabbits, chickens, and with a little imagination you can get original Easter decorations.

The most common mistakes when choosing flowers for decoration

Fresh flowers without water - many decorations with fresh flowers that are made around Easter are very delicate and dry quickly. To make your friends last, you can get laboratory test tubes in pharmacies and put tulips, hyacinths or any other flowers in them.

The tubes are thin and can be easily "disguised" without compromising the aesthetics of the arrangement. If you decide to make baskets filled with flowers, you can get ikebana sponges, they are mostly green in color and will go unnoticed with the rest of the decoration.

Bad choice of flowers – flowers that are not freshly picked bloom faster, and not only last shorter, but can also make a lot of mess from falling petals and leaves, so your apartment can look messy.

Be aware of allergens – if one of the household members is allergic to a certain type of flower, do not even bring it into the house. Tulips can sometimes cause skin rashes in allergy-prone people, while hyacinths cause itching and runny noses.

How to keep flowers fresh even after Easter

Although the Easter holidays last only a few days, that's no reason to immediately put away the decorations, especially those made of cut flowers. And in order for it to last longer, it is not enough just to change the water.     

  •  Before placing the flowers in the vase, shorten the stems by a few millimeters diagonally, thus removing the dried part and enabling better water absorption.  
  • In order to slow down the flowering, and therefore to extend the life of the flower, it is necessary to add a little sugar to the water.
  • Remove the leaves, the part of the tree that is in the water should be without leaves, as they decay faster, and when they dry they attract bacteria that endanger the whole plant.
  • Do not mix several types of flowers, some varieties simply cannot be tolerated, for example, daffodils and hyacinths release toxins, so they should be kept separately in a vase.


Decorating the house for Easter should be fun first of all, and not another obligation and job waiting for you. So enjoy the moments spent with loved ones and the magic you have brought into your home.

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